Chaparral Boats

Chaparral H2O Sport Boats

Chaparral H2O... The best value boats on the water. The Chaparral H2O range feature bowriders from 19 to 21 foot in both the Sport or Ski and Fish configurations.

Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats

Chaparral Vortex series is the industry leader in jet powered sport boats.  The Vortex range comprises 6 models from 20 to 24 foot in the VR and VRX configurations.

Chaparral SSI Sport Boats

Chaparral SSI premium sport boats incorporate Chaparral's award winning Extended V-Plane hulls.

Chaparral SSX Sport Boats

Experience the Chaparral difference with the SSX sport boats line-up. The SSX range incorporates the traditional V bow configuration.

Chaparral Suncoast Outboards

Chaparral Suncoast are an outboard powered premium bowrider.

Chaparral Surf

Chaparral Surf Series are industry leading sterndrive powered Surf boats that range from 21 to 29 feet. 

Chaparral OSX

Chaparral OSX Series is an Evolution of Outboard Luxury.

Chaparral Promotion

Specials available on Stock Chaparral Packages

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