We’ve been protecting Australian boats for more than 45 years, that’s why we can offer you
– Broad, flexible cover
– Outstanding claims service
– All benefits of being a Club Marine Member

Whether you’re fishing, water skiing or just enjoying the view, hitting the water in your runabout should be easy and fun. You want to know that if something happens to your boat or trailer, in or out of the water, Club Marine Insurance will take care of you. Club Marine Pleasure Craft Insurance.

– Cover for your runabout up to the sum insured. Unexpected object in the water just beyond the best ramp? Pole snuck up on you while reversing out of the carpark, and now your trailer and transom both need repairs? Club Marine Insurance covers you up to the sum insured on your policy, and you can choose between an agreed or market value when you start you policy.

– Optional water skiers liability and barefoot skiing cover. Protect your friends and loved ones with cover up to your liability sum insured for injury while water skiing, including barefoot.

– Lay up discounts. Don’t use your runabout over winter? Don’t pay full price when your boat is on a trailer in storage. Club Marine Pleasure Craft Insurance offers you a discount for the months when your boat is not in use, providing cover for storage risks like theft, fire and storm damage. You can specify the months of lay up in advance, and simply remove lay up online if you’re ready to hit the water again early!

– Emergency towing. Did you know many roadside assistance services are unable to tow a boat trailer? With Club Marine Assist, if you break down while towing your trailer boat, we will cover towing your vehicle, your runabout and your trailer. Club Marine Assist offers a range of services, and is included with your Club Marine Pleasurecraft Insurance at no extra cost.

Club Marine has been insuring sailors, fishermen and women, water skiers, jet skiers and boaties of all kinds for more than 45 years. Whether you have a yacht or a tinnie, a runabout or a jet ski, Club Marine’s Pleasurecraft insurance is there to protect you, and deliver claims service you can trust should the worst happen. Club Marine Pleasurecraft Insurance offers:

– Cover for your boat, motor and trailer, all in one policy.
– Australia-wide cover, up to 250 nautical miles off the coast.
– Up to $10,000 for fishing gear, skiing or diving equipment and tools on board.
– Up to $5,000 in Club Care Benefits to help you out in an emergency.
– Options for the cover you need – lay up cover, racing cover, water skiers liability, liability limits and agreed values.
– Club Assist – advice, assistance, directions and personal service, 24/7.
– Exclusive discounts and benefits as a Club Marine Member

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