Boating Tips

Boat License: Each state and territory of Australia has different licensing requirements to operate a powered boat.

New South Wales

It is neither the size of a vessel nor the power of an engine which determines whether a person needs to be licensed in New South Wales– it is the speed at which a boat is driven.

Except in the case of a PWC any person who drives a mechanically propelled vessel on NSW waters at 10 knots or more must have a boat drivers licence.

Note: 10 knots is the speed at which an accelerating boat will start to plane – that is rise up and skim along on top of the water instead of ploughing through it.

Anyone who drives a PWC at ANY speed (even below 10 knots) must have a PWC license.

Trailer Tips

Trailer Maintenance :
This is one of the most important parts of owning your trailer. Given proper care, your Boat Trailer should give you many years of service. We suggest that you wash your trailer with a detergent soap each time you use it…. Read More

Towing Tips:
The safety of you and those on the road around you is of paramount concern. Remember, when it’s time to hit the streets, performance doesn’t have to take a back seat. Trailer towing is a special situation, which places demands on your driving skills, and on your tow vehicle…… Read More

Boat Ramp Tips:
Boat launch activity can range from placid to pandemonium — or anywhere in between. Line-ups and on-the-ramp mishaps can send impatient individual’s stress-levels soaring; conversely a vacant launch on a calm day is a welcome sight to any boater. Boat launches are often busy, but they don’t have to be chaotic. Here are some tips for keeping your boat launch experiences running as smooth as the drag of a new fishing reel……Read More

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